Remedy for cancer and diabetes

Here is what you have been looking for.
The elixir for cure fatal diseases.

Chaga tea   
cures your serious medical condition.
Chaga? The name might be the last word you know.
But chaga tea had solved many troubles of health in Russia
 for ages, and because of it's good effect, chaga had
never been allowed to be taken out of Russia.
Yes, The people who had kept drinking chaga tea
 merely had cancer or diabetes.
And now it had certified as remedy for cancer and DM.

Now, We can provide you this nostrum.
The taste of chaga tea is very smooth and fine.
Just you have to do is to drink chaga tea for three monthes.
And you will find yourself revived.

‚R‚Opacks of chagatea are for two months.
The price is 15,000yen and add tax 5% and sipping costs(EMS).
We will ship you as soon as we can.


Nagano Matsumoto
Eddie Yamada